Gilbert's Getaway - Luxury Pet Resort
  Gilbert's Getaway
 Hours Of Operation

Open 7 Days a week
          By Appointment Only ...                        
   Early or Late drop off/or pick-up
 available with an appointment only.

We cater to small & Medium size dogs
  • Resort Check-In time is By Appointment Only
                    guest must arrive prior to 5:00pm
  • Resort Check-Out time is between 9:00am - 11:00am  
     Guest picked up after 11:00 am are charged for an additional day.
     (earlier or later check-out available with appointment only)
  • Grooming Drop off..... By Appointment Only!
  • Any Grooming client left after 5:00pm will result in a boarding fee and will stay until next business day.
  • Boarding Clients Reservations must be paid in full at CHECK-IN! ( cash or check)
  •   Limited space so you'll need to book early!!!
All Pets Must meet these Requirements
  • Current Vaccinations - Bring, fax or have vet email ahead for verification.
  • Dogs - Rabies, DH PP, Bordetella
  • Information Sheet and other forms need to be completed by owner for best possible care for your pet.
Nights Stay Requirements
  • Current Vaccinations are always required.
  • Information Sheets and other forms need to be completed by owner for best possible care of your pet.
  • We recommend that all pets have flea/tick treatment before arrival, or an entry treatment bath can be given at time of arrival for an additional fee of $ 15.00. We reserve the right to administer a flea shampoo if pets coat warrants it.
  • Your pet's veterinarians name, address, and contact phone number in case of emergency.
  • Give an emergency contact number while you are away.
I'll take care of everything else!
We feed your supplied foods, bones, treats, etc.....
 Feel free to bring special blankets or toys from home, or let us supply new ones, whatever you believe is best for your pet.

Ms. Lilly, Barney and Bella
Ms. Lilly, Barney and Bella
Good Morning Ms. Deana!
Ms. Lilly
I brought lots of blankets from home!
Ms. Lilly
We have 5 rooms available
We have 5 rooms available
3 single rooms and 2 double or family
  • No pet is accepted with a contagious disease.
  • Oral (by mouth) medications given at no additional charge.
Over Night Stays Pricing
  • Pet Cottage                                   $40.00 per night
    (small room)                             $15.00 per additional guest
  • Deluxe Cottage                              $55.00 per night
    (large room)                                  $15.00 per additional guest
All Day Spa  
  • Private cottage for the day
  • Treats, and lots of potty time and one on one love
  • Your pets bathing needs
 Only $ 15.00 plus the cost of your pets bathing needs!!!
Long Term Over Night Stays Pricing
  All Pet Cottages and Deluxe Cottages rates will be reduced with a
  •  10% discount when your stay is 14 days or more.
  •  20% discount when your stay is 28 days or more.
   All Pet Cottages include 1 ten minute play time per day in the big yard. Rooms are private with, a tv, cozy bed and a dog door to their own small yard. A complementary exit bath is given to dogs  who's visit is over a 4 day stay.
  • All dogs staying over night go outside in the "big yard" 3-4 times per day.            
  •  We start around 7am.  Last time out is usually around 9pm.
  •  All quest who stay together must live together to receive the discount.
Grooming Pricing
  We do not quote exact prices until we examine the pets coat and temperament. Only Estimates are given over the phone.
Dog Bath Includes
  • Trimming nails or filling
  • Clean ears/hair removed
  • Trimming sanitary area if needed
  • Releasing anal glands if needed
  • Shampoo and condition coat with product best suited for your pets needs
  • Face and Feet and tail trimmed per breed
  • Finnish spray(cologne)
  • Bandanna or bow
Dog Grooming Includes
All of bathing services as well as a custom cut
 for your pet.
About Me:
    I grew up in the Powdersville area, surrounded with animals, camping, traveling, and a wealthy outdoor life.  I married and moved out of town.  I had 2 children, became an empty nester and then divorced after twenty-five years. Its took a chain of events in my life that lead me to this path that I have chosen to be my destiny.
   I worked for a company that closed and left me unemployed.  It was at that point I knew that I had to take control of my life, this meant going back to school and learning a new trade I could be passionate about, and make a living at it.  So I went back to my roots, remembered some dreams, and now I'm making them happen.  This is what I consider to be "My American Dream."  To take a trade I love, and make a living at it.
  I moved back to my home town and  have been working hard to for years to make this happen.  Come out and visit the facility, its nice and quiet here, facility is located beside my home, great location just off I85.
napping in the office...
Move over kennel boarding... there's a new "cozy nights stay" @ Gilbert's Getaway!!!

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